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Customer Service Help

Cellarbrations at Subiaco makes it easy for you to shop in person, online, or by phone.

Ordering Online
Ordering online is mostly intuitive.  Browse Products or Search for specific products by  clicking on the categories to the left and browsing to the required product.  Then add the product to your cart, adjust quantities and proceed to the checkout.  A full description on online ordering can be found here

Ordering by Phone
Call our customer service line on (08) 9388-1040, and we will assist in your enquiries.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us for more information.


How to Order Online

Shopping with Cellarbrations at Subiaco is easy. You'll be drinking the best beers and sampling quality wines like a pro in next to no time!

How Do I Find Products?
There are two ways to find products with Cellarbrations at Subiaco. You can browse our product range until you find something you like, or you can search for specific products.

1. To Browse - To start browsing simply click on the product category on the left hand side and then on the product group you are interested in.e.g.  Wines-Red >> Shiraz.  A list of products will then appear.  Each prices and carton prices will be shown where applicable. 

Simply add to cart if you wish to purchase. Continue the process until you have all your purchases

To move around between Products, Categories and Subcategories, use your browser's back button (at the top left of the screen) to return to the page you were previously at. Then click another image to look for different products.

2. To Search - If you know what you're looking for you can find it quickly by using the search box in the upper left corner of the screen. Type in a word or words describing the product, then click "Search". The main screen will change to display a list of products that match your search. Clicking on one of the pictures, or the blue information icon will take you to a full description of the product, and give you the opportunity to buy.

If the search failed to find any products (the screen reads "No Results Found") try again with slightly different words or phrases, or in the Wine Search page with a different combination of options.

How Do I Add a Product to my Shopping Cart?
As you look through the products available on Cellarbrations at Subiaco you can add ones that you'd like to buy to your "Shopping Cart". This is a place that stores all the products you are interested in until you either decide to buy them, or remove them. This allows you to select a large number of products and then pay for them in one go, rather than having to buy every item individually.

When you click on a product description, either while browsing or as the result of a search, you will see a screen giving you more detail about that product. Somewhere on the screen will be an "add to cart" button. Clicking on that button will place the item in your Shopping Cart. If you want more than one of that particular product then simply type the required number into the text box that appears next to the "add to cart" button.

How Do I View My Shopping Cart?

At any time during your shopping experience with Cellarbrations at Subiaco you can check the contents of your shopping cart simply by clicking on the "View Cart" button.  Clicking "View Cart" will show images of what you have ordered, the quantity, and how much your order has come to thus far.

After reviewing your shopping cart contents you can continue shopping as before or you can choose to pay for your purchases using our secure server.

NB - Your delivery costs will not be shown on the view cart page - these appear in the checkout

How Do I Change What's In My Shopping Cart?
To change the contents of your cart, first view it, either by clicking on the trolley icon, the "View Cart" link, or a "View Cart" button.

To change the quantity of a product in your cart, enter the desired number in the text field marked "Quantity". Then click the "Modify" button. Your cart will be updated with the correct number of products.

To remove an item from your cart entirely, either type "0" into the Quantity field, and click "Modify" or click on the remove button. The product will be removed.

How Do I Pay For My Order?
Once you have selected all the items you want, click on the "Checkout" link, found in the upper left of your screen, or in a product description screen, or while viewing your cart.

When you click "Checkout", a secure connection will be established between your computer and Cellarbrations at Subiaco using our web administrators secure certificate This makes sure that all the information now transferred between us is encrypted, meaning no one can pry into it in the few milliseconds it takes to send it across the Internet. Our Security Information Page will show you how to make sure you're on a secure connection that is safe for credit card information to be transferred.

You can pay on this site with Credit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Debit Card.

We will then ask you to tell us where to deliver your order and to whom. Please feel free to include any special instructions for the delivery service to adhere to, this will ensure the right people receive the order. We ask you who is paying for the order and by what method. We also will ask for your credit card details if you elect to pay online and then we receive this information over a secure connection.

If you are nervous about sending your credit cards across the Internet (and when using Cellarbrations at Subiaco we don't think you should be, it's actually safer than many in-store transactions) simply fill in all your details up to the credit card purchase and print out the web page (your order). Then fax it to us with your Credit Card details, or phone us and we can process the transaction on the spot for you.

As soon as you have finalized the order you will be sent an e-mail confirming that our electronic system has received the information provided. You will receive another e-mail when ValueHaven has viewed and processed your order. This means your purchases are on their way and will inform you of the expected delivery time and date.

What If I Have Problems?
If you experience any problems shopping on Cellarbrations at Subiaco you can call our Customer Service Line at (08) 9388-1040 or email us. We look forward to providing a quick and accessible means for you to do your shopping. Please feel free to contact us for any further information that may help you complete your orders successfully.