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  • Penfolds Grange Vintage 2012 750ml - Image 1
  • Penfolds Grange Vintage 2012 750ml - Image 1

Penfolds Grange Vintage 2012 750ml

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Category: Wines Red
Subcategory: Shiraz
Brand: Penfolds

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“Sometimes tasting notes such as these are difficult to articulate.

Not this time. Channelling the 2010 Grange - an unfolding kaleidoscopic

vinous mosaic of charm, allure, character and cerebral reward.”

“Complete. Stylistically, most closely aligned to the 1963 Grange and yet

stridently extolling its own personality.”

“Can’t quite remember when or where… and probably not about a wine,

but recently scribed: Luxury that treads lightly!”





OVERVIEW The original and most powerful expression of Penfolds multi-vineyard, multi-district blending philosophy,

Grange is arguably Australia’s most celebrated wine and is officially listed as a Heritage Icon of South Australia.

Crafted utilising fully-ripe, intensely-flavoured and structured Shiraz grapes, the result is a unique Australian

style that is now recognised as one of the most consistent of the world’s great wines. With an unbroken line of

vintages from the experimental 1951, Grange clearly demonstrates the synergy between Shiraz and the soils

and climates of South Australia.

GRAPE VARIETY 98% Shiraz, 2% Cabernet Sauvignon

VINEYARD REGION Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale

WINE ANALYSIS Alc/Vol: 14.5%, Acidity: 6.8 g/L, pH: 3.63

MATURATION 18 months in 100% new American oak hogsheads



The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale regions were impacted with lower than average rainfall across the winter

period. This resulted in early budbreak in spring. Healthy and welcome spring rain ensued, merging with a

mild summer with just a few short periods of heat. Mild daytime temperatures and cool evenings were observed

across the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, allowing impressive flavour development without inflated baumés.

Balanced canopies and crops provided even development throughout veraison across both regions. Bursts of

warmth and dry conditions continued throughout harvest allowing fruit to be picked in optimal condition.

Smaller berry and bunch sizes along with favourable weather conditions induced great results for traditional

quality markers-colour, tannin profile, fruit concentration and flavour depth.

COLOUR Dense and imposing. Dark… RED!

NOSE Unmistakably, it is what it is. In a word, Grange.

(Almost) all unleashed immediately upon the first splash into the glass – exuberant, lifted, flamboyant.

An aromatic ‘multi-cultural’ chromatogram brazenly unfolds:

First, enticing barrel ferment formics and balsamics, spliced with soy, tomato puree, black olive

and liquorice (Dutch?).

Then, the exotics - wafts of tiramisu/mascarpone/zabaglione (Italy?), replete with freshly roasted hazelnut

and ground coffee beans (Kenya?)

30 seconds later…

PALATE Fresh and refined. Nervy.

Red liquorice, gravy reduction flavours and black olive tapenade to the fore. And then, just so much more!

Where to start?

Compelling depth - weighty/voluminous/fleshy - structurally complete and even throughout.

A radiant inner sheen, yet still assertive – a film encrusted with dusty, softened tannins that coat tongue.

Great length.

A loss of innocence, as sculptured oak (purity/clean) and a boundless array of red fruits, congeal into

a darkened pool of (un)known and (un)savoury delights!

Unashamedly and quite blatantly THE wine of this year’s Penfolds 2016 new releases! Enough said.

PEAK DRINKING 2018 - 2055


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