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  • Maxwell Spiced Mead 750ml - Image 1
  • Maxwell Spiced Mead 750ml - Image 1

Maxwell Spiced Mead 750ml

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Category: Wines Fortified
Subcategory: Ports and Sherry
Brand: Maxwell Mead

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Spiced Mead



Like many great things in history, spiced mead was born out of necessity. When mead found its way to England in the middle-ages by the sharp end of a Viking sword, honey was a cheaper commodity than sugar. Mead was fermented communally and was available for collection around the village. Often remaining there for weeks, spices were added as the mead began to spoil to mask any unpleasant flavours! A happy accident indeed.

In the early 70’s Ken Maxwell began selling his famous honey mead with an envelope of spice to allow mead drinkers to ‘mull’ their mead at home. These days Mark Maxwell does all the hard work for you as the now famous ‘Spiced Mead’ is made to a secret and finely honed family recipe.

With an army of loyal followers this winter elixir has warmed the hearts and bodies of a generation or more, a veritable potion of pleasure.


Tasting Notes

Colour Pale amber with golden hues

Nose Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove leaping from the glass, with honey and citrus undertones. Liquid hot cross buns

Palate These spicy characters are carried through on the palate where they fill the mouth with a complex and satisfying array of flavours.


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