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  • Melbourne Bitter 375ml Cans - Image 1

Melbourne Bitter 375ml Cans

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Category: Beers
Subcategory: Full Strength
Brand: Melbourne Bitter

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Category: Beers


A classic Australian style lager first brewed in 1936. Available on tap since is recent retro revival.


Brewed using Australian pale malt, Pride of Ringwood hops and Carlton proprietary yeast. Cool lager fermentation and storage produce the characteristic Australian lager aroma and flavour.

Aroma and Taste:

The Melbourne Bitter initial malty notes, fruity aroma and pleasant body are complimented by the assertive, lingering bitterness of Pride of Ringwood hops, appealing to those who prefer a more robust beer.

Food Match

Black Angus Beef Burger. When complementing strength with strength, nothing beats a quality cut of beef grilled to perfection and enveloped with a fresh crusty bun. Add the cheese, sauce and maybe some onions and MB will complement these flavours while cleansing the palate, leaving a refreshing finish, ready for the next mouthful.
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