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  • Dainton Fruity Freeze Neipa 7.1% 355 Can - Image 1
  • Dainton Fruity Freeze Neipa 7.1% 355 Can - Image 1

Dainton Fruity Freeze Neipa 7.1% 355 Can

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Category: Beers
Subcategory: Craft
Brand: Dainton

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Photo of Dainton Fruity Freeze Neipa 7.1% 355 Can
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Brand: Dainton
Category: Beers

Given the success of the Blood Orange New England Rye IPA (or BONER for short), it’s perhaps little surprise the brewers at Dainton keeping playing in the NEIPA arena. Here, they plunder Frosty Fruits for inspiration, albeit changing the name enough and avoiding any aping of the ice lolly’s packaging to stay away from prying eyes.

The tropical IPA is opaque as you like, as if someone has melted ice cream into the fermenter, and serves up lovely fruit juice aromas, a brekkie juice prickle and a freshly squeezed juice like finish. In short, it ticks the boxes for the style.

It’s also best to ensure you don’t sit on the glass or can too long; NEIPAs as a whole are generally regarded as beers to be drunk as fresh as possible and here, returning to the beer after sampling a few other new releases, it was noticeable those lively fruit juice characters had already started morphing into something more dank and heavy. That said, once the liquid hits your glass and is raised to your face, we doubt you’ll need much encouragement to see the beer off in a hurry.

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