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  • Colonial Draught Kolsch Ale Can 375ml - Image 1
  • Colonial Draught Kolsch Ale Can 375ml - Image 1

Colonial Draught Kolsch Ale Can 375ml

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Category: Beers
Subcategory: Craft
Brand: Colonial

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Photo of Colonial Draught Kolsch Ale Can 375ml
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Brand: Colonial
Category: Beers


4.8% ABV It’s draught, but not as you know it. Colonial Draught is the beer that goes with anything, and everything. Made using the same small-batch, artisan techniques as the rest of our range, and brewed to deliver a clean, crisp ale that’s refreshingly uncomplicated, Colonial Draught is beer at its easy-drinking best. Smooth, with just a hint of lemon and passionfruit, it’s the hand- crafted draught that’s perfect for every occasion.

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