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  • Cheeky Monkey 'Imperial Monk' Red Ipa 8. - Image 1
  • Cheeky Monkey 'Imperial Monk' Red Ipa 8. - Image 1

Cheeky Monkey 'Imperial Monk' Red Ipa 8.

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Category: Beers
Subcategory: Craft
Brand: Cheeky Monkey

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Cheeky Monkey’s first limited release beer for 2017 shows the Margaret River brewery building momentum for bigger beers. Last year, the limited release Southern Wailer series included the Silverback, a 10 percent ABV imperial stout revived after laying dormant for three years, a West Coast IPA that evolved into a core range beer and a hop forward, multi-collaborator XPA to name a few.

The Imperial Monk is an amplified version of their core range session red ale, Travelling Monk, where the flavours coalesce rather than dominate – more a strong, silent type than a mouthy brat – and a beer that head brewer Ross Terlick says the brewing team has long dreamt of brewing.

In doing so, the brewers combined six specialty malts to create a deep reddish brown beer with a light tan head. An initial savoury note gives way to a rich, torched toffee sweetness, tight bitterness and light roast finish. Despite being nearly two and half times more boozy than its mid-strength relative, Imperial Monk is well balanced and its release is well timed for summer’s slide into autumn.


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