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  • That Boutique-y Finger Lime Gin 46% 500m - Image 1
  • That Boutique-y Finger Lime Gin 46% 500m - Image 1

That Boutique-y Finger Lime Gin 46% 500m

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Category: Spirits
Subcategory: Gin
Brand: Boutique-y

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Australia has given us many great things, including AC/DC, Hugh Jackman and big things (there are over 150 sculptures of things that are big all over Australia, including a big pelican, a big rum bottle and a big bench). However, we\'re so fond of one Australian export that we made a gin dedicated to it - finger limes! These odd fruits have a texture that\'s a bit like caviar, and they taste absolutely amazing. They were destined for gin!

Tasting notes:

Nose: Zesty and vibrant, juniper and lime blend well among angelica, and an earthy quality.

Taste: Through anise and coriander spice there\'s creamy lime bars, a touch of lemon zest and the subtlest menthol note.

Finish: Syrupy and slightly warming, with a floral quality.

Style: London Dry Gin

ABV: 46.0%

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