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  • Alize Gold Passion Liqueur 750ml - Image 1
  • Alize Gold Passion Liqueur 750ml - Image 1

Alize Gold Passion Liqueur 750ml

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Category: Liqueurs
Subcategory: Liqueurs and Varieties
Brand: Alize

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Everything about this drink is real - with regards to its ingredients as well as to the hymns of praise that have been sung in its favour. Alizé Gold Passion is simply iconic. The brand places a lot of value on high-quality production and a resulting flexibility when it comes to its liqueurs. The liquid gold is mixed with the use of premium cognac and delicious passionfruit from Brazil and Ecuador. Colourants and preservatives don\'t go anywhere near this Alizé drink. With demands as high as that, it\'s no wonder that A-list stars such as Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and Sean \"Diddy\" Combs are professed fans of the delicious Alizé Gold Passion!

However, there is no doubt about 2Pac having been the biggest worshipper of this drink. The legendary rapper loved the liqueur so much that he created his very own drink and named a song after it: \"Thug Passion\". The cocktail is a mix of Alizé Gold Passion and fizzy champagne. Try it yourself at home - you can easily switch to a regular bubbly instead of champagne. If you prefer it a little softer than that you can also mix the liqueur with apple juice. Another way to enjoy the golden elixir is to drink it on the rocks, which makes for a perfect drink for hot party nights!

This liqueur is an unusual blend of natural passionfruit juices and French Cognac. Delicious chilled over ice, versatile enough to make your favorite drink special.

Tasting Note: Opaque orange. Fruit juice punch nose. A round entry leads to a medium-bodied palate with guava, passion fruit, mango nectar, and citrus flavors balanced by a breath of brandy. Shows balanced sweetness without being cloying.

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